Privacy Policy

Any personal information we collect on this website will be used in accordance to the Data Protection Act 1998. Collected details will be used to process your order. On some occassion, it may be used to contact you about our promotions, products and services. To opt out of this please contact us using the Contact Us page and you will be exempted from future contacts.

Terms And Conditions

Paypal Payments
Paypal payments will be subject to deductions set by Paypal themselves, these fees are independent of kwam-iT Recycling.

Devices could be subject to a CHECKMEND security check. In the event that an item is discovered to be reported lost or stolen, payment will be withheld and details will be passed to law enforcement agencies.

Free Returns
Free returns are valid for all devices except for the following:
Devices that are classed as too old - Devices with Windows Vista OS or older.
Devices without inbuilt webcam.

The quotation form has been designed to reject the devices listed above, if however for one reason or the other it still makes it way to us, we reserve the right to charge a fee of £5.70p for the return.

Loss Of Data
We (kwam-iT Recycling) will not be held accountable or responsible for any data loss. By you (the seller) agreeing to sell and send your laptop to us(kwam-iT), in the event that the sale does not go through, you accept that all of your data could be missing from your device.

You (the seller) are over the age of 18 (and if you are under the age of 18, will have your parent/guardians consent),a resident of the United Kingdom and will be the legal owner of the item(s) you are trading in to us (kwam-iT); there must be no outstanding amounts due on credit agreement on the said item(s). The ownership of the item(s) once it reaches our facility is transferred to us (kwam-iT Recycling) after which your payment will thereafter be made.

We (kwam-iT Recycling) will take no responsiblity for damages that occur to your item(s) in post. It is your responsibilty to ensure your item is appropriately packed to prevent damage, we recomend making use of bubble wraps and other cushioning materials to reduce the risk of damages. We will also take no responsibilty for lost items in transit, we advise that valuable items are sent via RoyalMail Special Delivery at your discretion. We (kwam-iT) will not issue payments until a device has reached our facility. Sending items to us via our freePost option is at your own risk, we will only process your order based on the condition in which it is received at our facility. You (the customer) will ensure your parcel is dropped off within 7 days of receipt of the parcel box and or email label. Failure to do so could reuslt in the label being re-assigned.

Quotation Form
It is your responsibilty to ensure that the details filled into the quotation form is true reflection of your device. The devices accepted and the prices paid are dependent on the following factors:

Ensure that the processor input is the correct as specified in/on the device.

Laptop Age
This criteria is used to determine the generation of the chosen processor and general age of the device. Below is a guidline list of this criteria:
  • 1 year old
  • This is a criteria for Near New/ Brand new devices, Intel Core iX-7XXX or similar
  • 2 Years Old
  • Intel Core iX-5XXX and iX-6xxx processors or similar
  • 2 to 3 Years Old
  • Intel Core iX-4XXX processors or similar
  • 4 Years Old
  • Intel Core iX-3XXX processors or similar
  • 4 to 5 Years Old
  • 2nd Generation Intel Processors or similar
  • Older than 6 Years Old
  • First Generation Intel Processors or similar
Microsoft Surface Pro device quote prices are based inclusion of the official Microsoft Keyboard and Pen.

Quotes and Regenerated Quotes
The generated quotes from our website is (are) only valid when we receive the device(s) at our facility and are able to cross check its details to that submitted to us. In the event that we find that your item(s) does not match the details you (the seller) provided to us to generate your quote, we ( will regenerate your quote based on the actual attributes of your device AND based on the pricing system on the actual day. A new offer/quote will be generated and e-mailed to you in which you can accept or decline the new offer. You must reply to this offer within 24 hours of the timestamp (sent time) on the email; failing this, your order will be processed based on the new price. For offers and quotes generated by our representatives, these quotes will be valid for 7 days. For rejected offers/quotes, your device will be shipped back to you free of charge. We will not be responsible for lost items in the process of returning your devices. To ensure the guaranteed and insured delivery return of your device, arrange for a coruier to collect from our facility at your discretion. Quotations generated for faulty items are subject to change, the prices given on the websites are a guideline. The actual price will be based on our valuation upon receipt based on parts that are salvageable from the device(s).

Voucher Codes and Coupons
In the event that a special code is sent to you via SMS/email, these codes are order/item specific. The codes cannot be reused on subsequent orders unless otherwise stated.

You (the seller) will ensure that the details provided to make payments are correct.
We (kwam-iT Recycling) will take no responsibilty for missapropriated payments due to you(the seller) providing the wrong details such as but not limited to bank account number, sort code and paypal payment address.