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A guide to sell my laptop online

At kwam-iT, we make selling your laptop online for cash as easy as A-B-C. Follow the following guide to get the best cash online for your laptop.

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Get a Quote for your laptop

step 1

Fill in basic details about your laptop on our Quote page. By entering basic information about your laptop such as the brand, processor type and screen size, our clever quotation system is able to provide you an accurate price for your laptop.

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step 2

After you’ve received your instant quote, it’s time to check out your order. During check out, you get to tell us how you would like to receive your cash payment. kwam-iT UK can either pay you via Bank Transfer or Paypal.

Get Paid

step 3

Once you’ve checked out your order, we will send you an email with a prepaid postage label. You will need to print out this label to use to post the laptop to us. You can use an old parcel box or the laptops original box to package the laptop with.

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step 4

Once you’ve packaged your laptop, use a Cellotape and paste the printed postage label on it and then take it to a UPS Parcel Shop. There are thousands of UPS parcel shops around the UK, you can find the closest one to you by clicking this link.

Get Paid

step 5

Once you’ve dropped your laptop off, it will take 2 working days to reach us. As soon as it gets here, we will get it tested and issue your payment within 24 hours guaranteed. So what are you waiting for, click the button below for a quote!